Accommodation in Trebic

Hotel Kocour

The recently renovated building of Hotel Kocour offers you a comfortable stay in newly furnished rooms. Its location right in the Jewish Quarter allows you to wander through the nearby narrow streets and passageways that date back to the Middle Ages. The hotel also features a restaurant.


Hotel Černý orel

Hotel and Apartments are a 2-minute walk to the Jewish Quarter. It offers pleasant modern accommodation. The hotel also has a pizzeria, wellness and fitness centre. It is located near the square.


Apartmán U Židovské brány

Cosy apartment right at the entrance to the Jewish Quarter. It offers a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, bedroom and living room. The apartment is designed for 2-4 people. There is a café on the ground floor.


Hotel Joseph 1699

Hotel Joseph 1699 is located right in the Jewish Quarter. It offers original accommodation in the original Jewish houses, which have been converted into a luxurious and modern hotel.


Apartmán Ifre

Luxury apartment located in the heart of the Jewish town in one of the Jewish houses. It offers comfortable accommodation, a spa, a wine cellar and a romantic outdoor seating area. The apartment is designed for 4 people and the wine cellar for 30 people.


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